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Helping my Child at School

Helping my Child at School

As the first educators of their children, parents/carers play a vital role. We ask you to support us as we work with you to help your child reach his/her full potential.


Parents/carers are asked to oversee their children's homework. Please ask questions and encourage your child to find a quiet place where they can complete homework tasks to the best of their ability.


Please ensure that your child dedicates sufficient time to the completion of homework tasks and that spelling rules, times tables and other learning points are re-visited over the course of the week. Please listen to your child spell their weekly spelling words and listen to them saying their times tables regularly.


When younger children are learning to read, they need the encouragement of someone to listen to them every night.


When checking that the homework is complete, parents/carers should not feel obliged to correct or teach where there is difficulty as this is the responsibility of the class teacher. 


Please see the 'Useful Websites' section for links to websites which can help you provide extra support for your child.