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The Scottish Schools Parental Involvement Act 2006 has changed the arrangements for parental/carer representation in all schools. Since August 2007, all parents/carers are automatically members of the Parent Forum for their school and they have a right to establish a Parent Council to represent them.

Parent Forum

The membership of the Parent Forum is made up of all parents/carers who have a child or young person at an education authority school. Membership of the Parent Forum allows parents/carers to have a say in the local authority’s arrangements to enable the collective view to be represented on matters such as the quality and standards of education at the school and other matters of interest to parents/carers. One of the ways parents/carers in the Parent Forum will be able to express their views will be through the Parent Council.

Parent Council 2019/2020

We have an active Parent Council that represents the views of all parents/carers. All parents/carers are welcome to attend Parent Council meetings and can become members at the AGM in October of each year.


Chairperson: Nicola Grimes

Vice Chairperson: Nicola Tait


To contact the Parent Council, please address your correspondence or e-mail to:


For further information on Parent Councils please click here.