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The Spark Counselling Service


Counselling for children

The Spark provides counselling for pupils in St Clare’s Primary School and has a dedicated Children and Young People Counsellor who can help children struggling with a variety of issues including anxiety, stress, bullying or the current Coronavirus pandemic.

Have a look at The Spark's Guide to Counselling for Parents/Carers here.

Find out more about The Spark’s award-winning services here.


Support for Parents/Carers

Bringing up children can be tough at the best of times but especially so right now. The Spark offers free help and support for adults through their helpline on 0808 802 2088. All calls are handled in the strictest confidence by our helpline counsellors who provide support and access to free counselling, funded by the Scottish Government. Find out more on our website here.


Free Parenting Resources

The Spark regularly publishes free articles written by our counsellors offering help and advice for parents. During the current Coronavirus pandemic we are creating a bank of articles looking at relevant issues including: talking to kids about the virus, coping with lockdown, helping them with anxieties and fears, and helping to manage the transition into the new 'normal' (when it comes). All articles are available on our website here.

We also have a larger resource of articles covering ongoing parenting issues like self-harm, preparing for school and much more here.